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Cyber Security Services

Stop threats. 

Enable business. 



from a dynamic, dedicated and determined team in the heart of Europe.

We offer tailored cyber-security services with the
expertise of 15 years international industry experience.

We are senior experts in ethical hacking and have a network of problem solvers behind us.

01 / Security Consulting

Management & Governance Consulting

Independent senior advisors to serve you with expertise, guidance, and confidence

Management Systems

(IT-)Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC), Risk Analysis and Management, Information and IT-Security, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Privacy Management Systems

02 / Security Audits

Red Teaming / Purple Teaming

Our team of experts conducts Red Teaming exercises, where we assess your organization from the perspective of an actual attacker to identify security gaps. In our Purple Teaming initiatives, we then combine the offensive strategy of the Red Team with your Blue (Defense) Team to enhance your cyber capabilities through continuous feedback and knowledge transfer

White/Grey/Blackbox security assessments (penetration tests)

We check your internal and/or external infrastructure, web applications, mobile apps, client and server, WiFi infrastructure, as well as the active directory using the standards of state-of-the-art security

Ransomware-Resilience Check

Enhanced technical security assessment to identify potential ways to take over Active Directory and backup infrastructure. In addition, a coordinated security management audit is carried out to address relevant topics (e.g. emergency plans)

Forensic Services and Legal Expert Witness Reports

support on forensic analysis, threat hunting and evidence preservation

03 / Awareness & Trainings

(Spear)Phishing Simulations

find out how aware your staff is an how effective your technical controls are

Security Trainings

live and online trainings, simulation games, entertainment material for end users and tailored training for management advanced technical training for security personnel, administrators and software developers

04 / Threat Assessments

Threat Quantification

We will map your specific threat landscape based on specific adversary activity and assess your threat exposure status and its mitigation, including threats derived from your external business ecosystem and third parties

Threat management & Response

Support on events and alert investigations, providing deeper and broader threat insights and contextual awareness, including reevaluation of threat exposure and long tail impacts

Entrust us with your digital security.
We employ our expertise and experience to provide you with the peace of mind and security you need to focus on what you do best: run your business.



Our team consists of experienced experts coordinated by one single point of contact

Stefan Schiebeck

Sascha Pöhn

Avi Kravitz

Head of  Security Managment
Head of Finance
Founder & Head of Delivery
  • LinkedIn - Grau Kreis
  • LinkedIn - Grau Kreis
  • LinkedIn - Grau Kreis

Michael Kube

Judith Abramov

Head of Sales
  • LinkedIn - Grau Kreis
Head of Marketing
  • LinkedIn - Grau Kreis



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